Monday, 4 October 2010

If Depression were a person

It would be full of anger and frustration.
It would be unable to vocalise either of these emotions.
It would be confused, constantly wondering whether there was a purpose to life.
It would be withdrawn.
It would not have a gender, colour, religion or such a distinguishing feature.
It would be both full and empty simultaneously.
It would be deprived of sunlight.
It would be in a trance for much of the day.
It would not know whether it was coming or going.
It would not enjoy the company of others.
It would not leave the house much.
It would struggle to find creativity and beauty.
It would be lost even with a map.
It would be unable to reminisce.
It would never have known the joy of laughter.
It would be unable to cry even when choked up with tears.
It would be unable to hope for the future.
It would need much but ask little.

If depression were a person, i would be able to distance myself from it.


  1. This is really brilliant and absolutely true. You have described depression perfectly.

    I understand all too well how you feel and I'm so sorry you are feeling this way. Keep holding on, I believe we have brighter days ahead of us.


  2. Hey Nicole.
    Thank you for your kind words. I had never really known depression in the past - in spite of the amount of time i have had an ED. It came as a shock to me to know how powerful it was and scary.

    I really worked through a lot that was going on in my head and am feeling a lot better as a result. At the point at which it was digging its claws in, i decided to prise them apart one by one and examine the dirt that was lying beneath.

    Some days feel a lot brighter. I hold onto the memory of those days.

    I wish you well.